What We Do

Welcome to the Y-ME Before/After School Program!

We are excited that you stopped by our site. We are very unique; I guarantee you will not find another interactive Before/After School Program like ours. After homework is done, we do kids Bible study and have fun learning activities during snack time. We are open when schools are closed except major holidays. On some of those days, we go on special trips like CiCi's Pizza, Chucky Cheese, or roller skating. 

All trips are included in our pricing. We offer a $50 Weekly Special to the first 10 people!

Our regular weekly prices are: 

Before School = $65
After School = $75
Before & After = $85

Because of our strong 7 year presence on the Northside of Richmond, we fill up very fast.  We are only licensed for 22 kids, so please enroll your child immediately! Call or text our office cell and ask for Mr. -V- (804) 218-5553.

Event Calendar

Date Time Event
Quarterly Thursdays 7:00pm  

Y-ME Board Meetings
1st Saturdays
Community Service Committee Meeting
Quarterly 2nd Sundays

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Swaggavation Skate Party @ Skate Land of Richmond, 5512 Hull St Rd

3rd Saturdays
8:00am- 11:00am Battery Park

Some Mondays

5:00pm - 7:30pm Food Pantry @ Varina Episcopal Church - 2395 Mill Rd, Richmond 23231
4th Saturdays 1pm- 2pm Visit Elderly Madison Home
3212 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond 23227 
4th Saturdays
2:30pm - 3:30pm Visit Elderly- Westport Health Care Center, 7300 Forest Ave., Richmond 23226


God gave Minister -V- the vision for Y-ME in 2007. During this time, Minister -V- got caught up with the everyday hustle of life. He got distracted with the cares of this life, so God laid him off of his job 2 years later on May 21st of 2009. He knows that this time is his wake-up call! God is pushing him out there to do full-time ministry. So now he has tunnel vision and he's going hard for Christ!!

'I have to be aggressive with building this ministry because the enemy is not playing. Right now, he is killing our young people, killing their dreams, and their hope, which leads to killing their future!! "Without a vision, my people perish" (Proverbs 29:18 KJV). So what are YOU going to do about it?? I know what I'M going to do, but I need your help!! If God didn't call you to disciple youth, that's fine... SEND ME!! (Send me means: Pray for this ministry and finance its vision.)'


We have started our Community Service Youth Program and we need your help. The youth (through Y-ME) are taking part in litter pick up, visiting the elderly, and participating at feeding shelters. These community service hours can count as credit to their transcript for college. But more important, they are experiencing the wonderful feeling of knowing that they are doing good deeds for someone's life. This is preparing them to be leaders. It teaches responsibility, integrity, and discipline to our youth & young adults, while equipping them with strong work ethics.

After they serve the community, we would like to reward them with some food and positive entertainment (for example, CiCi's pizza, and then a movie or laser tag). We also would like the youth to wear t-shirts that say Y-ME so that the community knows who we are.



Let Dec. 1st of 2009 be remembered in history! That is the day Y-ME was blessed with our 1st building! This is where we host our interactive After School & Summer Program for kids 4-17 years of age.

The After School Program operates Monday – Friday from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. We tutor them with their homework, have snack time, and kids devotions. Every Monday and Wednesday we go to the library for story time and arts & crafts. On Fridays we have special activities such as fitness training & nutrition classes. Also, we are open when schools are closed.

Our Summer Program operates Monday – Friday from 7:00am – 6:00pm. This interactive program is filled with lots of learning activities in the morning such as: Crime Prevention, Bullying & Peer Pressure Awareness, Abstinence of Sex, Alcohol, & Drugs, Fitness & Nutrition Classes, Teaching Life Skills, Creating Healthy Relationships, Gang & Domestic Violence Prevention, AIDS & STD Prevention, Spiritual Character Development, and things of that nature.
After lunch, we hit the road! We begin outdoor activities such as: Kings Dominion, 3 Lakes Park, Haydads Lake, Studio Recording, Camping, Museums, Skating, Bowling, and things of that nature.

We provide free breakfast & lunch!! Free pick up is available for Northside & Southside only. 

We see Y-ME as a growing and prospering organization with exciting plans to have an After School & Summer Program on the South Side, East End and the West End in the future to accommodate the needs in all communities. After that, the next step is to go National. Can you see the vision with us?

Statistics show that the City of Richmond and the surrounding communities continue to have an increase in risky behavior in our youth population. Y-ME is reaching the youth of metro Richmond by giving them a healthy alternative to risky behavior through our quaterly Swaggavation Skate Parties. Y-ME events incorporate the ministry of Jesus Christ through rap, spoken word (poetry), stepping, singing and dancing. Because of this, the youth of metro Richmond are not only given the opportunity to exercise through skating but they are also being exposed to Christ! God is truly using this series of events as part of an outreach tool for Y-ME.

Swaggavation Skate Party is held Every Quater on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 5:30-8pm at Skateland Hull Street Rd. The admission is FREE to the public! In order to keep the ministry moving forward within our outreach efforts, we do request that though it's free to enter the rink, canned good donations are collected at the door. Your help in donating canned goods will support the partnering of the many shelters throughout metro Richmond and surrounding areas. Isn't that what it's all about, doing the work of Jesus? See you at the rink!

• FREE Admission
• Quaterly skate parties with a Gospel Hip-Hop flavor
• Collection of canned goods & Feeding Shelter partnerships to distribute donated canned goods
• Scriptures taught through Bible trivia games & cash prizes for game winners
• Skate races with prizes for race winners
• Youth fine arts ministry participation
• Ministry through rap & spoken word (poetry)


• Positive and uplifting lyrical content
• The word given to the youth in a relatable way
• Inspirational speaking, using spoken word (poetry)