Welcome to the Y-ME Before/After School Program!

We are excited that you stopped by our site. We are very unique; I guarantee you will not find another interactive Before/After School Program like ours. After homework is done, we do kids Bible study and have fun learning activities during snack time. We are open when schools are closed except major holidays. On some of those days, we go on special trips like CiCi's Pizza, Chucky Cheese, or roller skating. 

All trips are included in our pricing. We offer a $50 Weekly Special to the first 10 people!

Our regular weekly prices are: 

Before School = $65
After School = $75
Before & After = $85

Because of our strong 7 year presence on the Northside of Richmond, we fill up very fast.  We are only licensed for 22 kids, so please enroll your child immediately! Call or text our office cell and ask for Mr. -V- (804) 218-5553.


Starting in 1996, Minister -V- received exposure at numerous church events, youth explosions, prisons, and community programs through his membership with Underground Gospel Ministries, Inc. His first CD entitled "The Flesh Killah" was released in 2000. Following the buzz of his first CD, he dropped another one that was even more powerful and anointed than the first. He wrote his own material, arranged, and produced his own tracks for both CDs. With the latest CD entitled "Survival" many people throughout the nation have been truly blessed. Songs such as "No Fears, No Tears" and "Holy Ghost Groovin" have ushered in the presence of God. A play called "Life" was written based on his song "The Ghetto Version." This play is a hip-hop musical drama that displays the life of Christ in today's urban world.

Established in 2007, the vision of Youth Ministry Entertainment Inc. (Y-ME) was given to Minister -V- as a result of being under the leadership of Minister Gil Robinson of the Underground Gospel Ministries. Also, in 2007, -V- was ordained a Minister. His ministry if for the purpose of convicting and encouraging people to live a better life according to the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  He is a walking example to the young people, showing them how to live a bold and victorious life. Minister -V-'s powerful, anointed ministry will change the lives of all those who are drawn to the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ.


                                                                             MESSAGE SERIES 
                    SURVIVAL                      (Available Upon Request)
To check out the Survival CD & the Ministry Series go to:

For Booking Please Contact:
Executive Director: Minister -V-
E-mail: ministerv@y-ment.com