Who we are, our mission, our vision
Welcome to the Y-ME Before/After School Program!

We are excited that you stopped by our site. We are very unique; I guarantee you will not find another interactive Before/After School Program like ours. After homework is done, we do kids Bible study and have fun learning activities during snack time. We are open when schools are closed except major holidays. On some of those days, we go on special trips like CiCi's Pizza, Chucky Cheese, or roller skating. 

All trips are included in our pricing. We offer a $50 Weekly Special to the first 10 people!

Our regular weekly prices are: 

Before School = $65
After School = $75
Before & After = $85

Because of our strong 7 year presence on the Northside of Richmond, we fill up very fast.  We are only licensed for 22 kids, so please enroll your child immediately! Call or text our office cell and ask for Mr. -V- (804) 218-5553.
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Youth Ministry Entertainment is an Outreach Organization designed to offer free mentoring support, positive encouragement, and fun activities to our youth and young adults in the communities. Our long-term vision is to own a Gospel Hip-Hop & R&B radio station (Street Gospel FM), make cutting edge ministry based movies for youth, own a roller skating rink, and have a few Recreational Centers throughout Richmond and worldwide. We believe in "Training Up Our Youth" by means of "Educational Entertainment".

Our purpose is to help children in all communities worldwide to reach their full potential as leaders. The events, activities, and information that will be provided for the youth will help them develop skills in making responsible and healthy choices, despite being faced with pressures to conform to risky behaviors prevalent among youth and young adults today. We promote personal responsibility and community involvement. This will also be accomplished by distribution of age appropriate, factual, medically referenced materials such as Health & Fitness Awareness, Drug & Substance Abuse, and Abuse from Domestic Violence. Our plans are to provide education that will lead the youth to strive for economically and socially productive lives. This in turn will contribute to the well being of our community and help our youth to avoid the serious problems of HIV/AIDS infection, teen pregnancy, and the emotional, and financial consequences from negative actions. Young people need to have the opportunity and the resources necessary to develop them morally, ethically, spiritually, physically and mentally in order to have a chance to achieve their dreams and goals in life. The overall theme throughout is to accept each person for who they are, along with providing an unconditional atmosphere of love and respect. Thereby helping to build character, strong bodies and storng minds. In conclucsion, we propose to ignite dreams and build oustanding leaders!